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Jagger's Dad
Jagger's Dad

Jagger is our black merle tri with beautiful markings and tan points. The bottom half of his eyes are crystal blue, top half are hazel. Has a very large head and great demeanor. Is getting stockier by the day. Tail is ideal in a bulldog. Has pet insurance which can be transferred within the States for continued coverage. Has no breathing problems, no cherry eye, no heavy palette, etc. Any medical records can also be transferred. DNA test results will also be given. Jagger is even more impressive in person, so feel free to schedule a meet! Located in Fullerton, CA.

Status: Stud or Sale
Color: Black Merle Tri

DOB: 2.15.16

Fee: eMail us at ChunkyRoyals@gmail.com

Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding Jagger.